Not that the Cee Lo Green judge rumors are put to rest, others are being borne. Yeah, Cee Lo Green will not join The Voice UK!
Let's see: he's an international superstar, his new album rock, and now he is suggested for a coach place on the upcoming BBC One Show, The Voice UK.
Lenny's got SO MUCH going on these days!
Last we heard from Lenny Kravitz, he had announced his new tour, as well as his new album Black and White America!

Now, we're hearing that Lenny is likely to join the upcoming UK version of The Voice as a judge!
Here's what a source had to say about it:
"They want Lenny for The Voice UK and he's close to saying yes. They want the show to be credible - not full of pop people who don't sing live and don't know the industry. And they don't want to make mistakes with the casting. So they must have thought long and hard before approaching Lenny…When we got the rights to The Voice we assured people we would assemble a panel of great singers and credible recording artists. Lenny is both of those things."

The Voice UK Coaches

Sounds great! Now, if they could just figure out whether he'll be joined by either Cheryl Cole or Charlotte Church, the show would be well on its way!
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