You may have read in the papers that Will Young was to be one of the judges on the BBC’s new “answer to X Factor” The Voice. But somewhat mysteriously, Danny O’Donoghue of The Script has been confirmed as the final face behind the desk and, perhaps not uncoincidentally, Will has posted a cryptic but bitter sounding tweet. Has it all gone off the rails before it’s begun?

According to The Sun, the judging panel for the UK version of this Dutch talent show was to be Jessie J (oh god), Will.I.Am (oh god), Tom Jones (hurrrrrggg!) and Will Young (quite good). Well they were three quarters right.

The final judge has now been confirmed as Danny from The Script (the one they didn’t have to hide at the back of photos). The frontman for the briefly successful Irish manband will join his fellow singing experts when the show starts on the Beeb in the Spring.

But how does Will Young feel about it? Yesterday’s tweet might give us some idea:
@will_young31 Words escape me. Life is sometimes a bitch
Or maybe someone had eaten all his Percy Pigs. Who knows?

As far as we can figure out, the main differences between The Voice and X Factor are that the judges choose who gets through in a “blind audition” (presumably so “uglies” stand a chance) and then instead of a boot camp there’s a “Battle phase” where contestants sing the same song to see which is best. That sounds quite good.

The hosts for The Voice UK will be Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates. That doesn’t sound quite so good.